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  • Man patching drywall ceiling

    The Complete List of Drywall Tools: 14 Essential Items

    Many home improvement projects involve drywall in one way or another. Learn about the essential tools you'll need to tackle the most common DIY drywall projects.

  • House interior of a luxury home

    How Much Does It Cost to Apply Venetian Plaster?

    Venetian plaster can add depth and texture to your aesthetic. Learn how much Venetian plaster costs based on factors like square footage and whether you hire a pro to help.

  • Home addition newly drywalled

    What Is Drywall and What Is It Made Of?

    Drywall, also known as gypsum board, is a standard construction material used to build walls for homes and commercial buildings. Specialized drywall repels water, reduces sound, and more.

  • luxurious large living room with high ceiling

    How Hard Is It to Lay Drywall, Anyway?

    How hard is it to hang drywall? It’s certainly not easy and there are potential pitfalls if you plan on going the DIY route. Read this guide for helpful tips.

  • Boy having fun jumping on bed

    When Should You Hire a Pro for Drywall Repair vs. DIY?

    Should you repair your damaged drywall yourself or leave it to a professional? This guide breaks down the benefits to each and how to choose.

  • Historic home with plaster walls

    Why Do Plaster Walls Crack?

    Plaster is a sturdy wall material that has a tendency to crack. Most plaster cracks are cosmetic and don’t pose any harm, but it’s important to find out what is causing the cracks anyway. Learn why plaster cracks and how you can avoid damage.

  • A woman getting ready to hang a heavy framed mirror on a wall

    How to Use Drywall Anchors to Hang Heavy Things

    Did you know there’s a right way to hang things on your wall? And no, it doesn’t include thumbtacks. Learn how to use drywall anchors with this simple guide.

  • A mother and her son are doing homework at the living room

    Patch a Drywall Hole in 4 Simple Steps

    Whether you slammed your chair into the drywall or the door has hit it one too many times, drywall holes are inevitable. Luckily, you can patch them up on your own. The steps below outline the necessary work for repairing drywall holes.

  • A living room with a dining area in the background

    Damaged Drywall? Follow These Steps for an Easy DIY Fix

    Fix any wall in your home with easy DIY drywall repair. Follow these steps to patch anything from small holes to large dents and torn drywall.

  • Charming grey living room

    Who Patches a Wall After Plumbing or Electrical Work?

    Hiring a drywall contractor to patch up a wall after plumbing or electrical work is your best bet to guarantee a smooth, clean finish. Finding a pro that’ll do a good job involves getting multiple quotes, plus checking references and qualifications.

  • Measuring height of child on a big wall, open concept kitchen

    How Can I Determine if a Wall Is Load-Bearing?

    Do you wish to remove some walls in your home to open up the space and bring in more natural light? Learn how to identify load-bearing walls to get a spacious home safely and securely without causing any damage to the structure of your house.

  • A bedroom with vintage art on the wall

    11 Must-Know DIY Drywall Repair Tips

    Fixing up your drywall can make a big difference in your home. Unless you have a large hole or a damaged corner, drywall repair is usually straightforward. Learn the best drywall repair tips along with the tools and supplies you need.

  • Man installing suspended ceiling

    What Is a Drop Ceiling? Everything You Need to Know

    Drop ceilings are secondary ceilings of grids or suspended drywall. Learn more about how this ceiling type is used in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Pretty living room

    What You Should Know Before Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

    Popcorn ceilings were once all the rage, but today’s standards have deemed them dated. Here, we’ll cover why the popcorn texture was so popular. We’ll also cover asbestos and other points to consider before removing a popcorn ceiling.

  • Drywall instillation

    Atlanta Drywall Experts Recommend Professional Installation

    Installing new drywall requires a deft hand and an experienced craftsmen, say highly rated Atlanta drywall companies.